03 February 2010

riding the tube

The tube. Living in a big city, public transportation is my second home. 19 minute tube ride every morning. It's the only time of the day I get to read (currently: The Cider House Rules).
Is it too much to ask for a reasonable sound level in conversations? (No, I don't care about rich old women talking about how many VIPs they know.)
Is it too much to ask that adolescents don't use their cellphone as a music box?
Is it too much to ask that people either buy good headphones or don't pump up the volume of their trance-dance-techno music up to the maximum?
Is it too much to ask that people reading the biggest daily paper ever printed right inside my comfort zone (touching parts of my body)?

Then there's the special bonuses, which I always score. The crying baby, the elementary school class on a field trip (like seriously, more than twice a week? That's got to be some special luck...), the mentally challenged and not fond of hygiene guy sitting next to you shouting out "Pizza! Pizza!".

I love public transportation, I just wish there wasn't so much "public" in the "transportation".

1 comment:

  1. Good to see the tube is the same in Hamburg than it is in Paris lol I sympathize, really. Pretty much everything you described happened to me too (except the "pizza, pizza!" stuff but my mentally challenged guy wanted to kiss me... which, you know... was just bad).

    Btw, yay for reading John Irving! The Cider House Rules is a great book. Irving's one of my fave authors... and I just bought his latest novel today.

    (totally spent an hour translating the words to get this comment posted lol)