20 August 2010

mac: a review

PhotoJenInc via Flickr.

Isn't it a shame it needed 23 years for me to discover M·A·C cosmetics? At least it was good for my wallet.
I've had the eyeshadows for a few days now and can tell you: If you never went to the store? You should definitely go. I'm completely blown away by the quality, comfort and color of the products.
I've used the eyeshadows (even the matte ones get a little shine with the Art Deco eyeshadow base underneath, great if you want to glam it up) every day, even today that I'm sick at home. But hey, you need to look like a human being to go to the doctor's as well, right? With the 4-color set one can create an easy day warm-color make-up (using Blanc Type and Wedge), a spiced-up evening look (Blanc Type/Wedge/Brown Down) and a cold-color day make-up (Blanc Type/Quarry).

Blanc Type | Wedge

Quarry | Brown Down

(Other products used: Simple powder, blush, mascara, and an ANCIENT Avon brown kohl pen.)


  1. OH! IT WORKS!!!!

    Ok, so let's comment more extensively

    I agree 100% on what you said about MAC cosmetics. They're very confortable, the colors are absolutely vibrant and don't fade after a few hours.
    Once, I was out to partay all night, made myself a huge blue/violet makeup and the colors where still as vibrant when I got back home at 5 :)
    And they're good for allergic people, so that's always a good point!

    I don't know if greens could fit your eye color, but I have a nice combo : greensmoked + humid :)
    If you don't know what to get next time, I could give you the name of my eyeshadows so you can check them out of you like them?

  2. It works! ;)

    The girl in the store said probably not, because of the blue eyes. :( (Green's my fav color.)
    Yeah, you should totally give me the names! (And tell me which of them are matte.) That would be awesome.

  3. Ok!
    Soooo, here it comes!
    I have :
    - Club
    - Knight Divine
    - Carbon (matte)
    - Woodwinked
    - Tempting
    - Satin Taupe
    - Mulch
    - Shock-a-holic (matte) and limited edition "dare to wear "
    - Nocturnelle
    - Shroom
    - Greensmoke
    - Humid
    - Tilt
    - Contrast