18 August 2010

people in the tube #1

Monday morning.
I go on the tube on it's first stop. Everyone in the wagon is reading, or at least quiet. Heavenly quiet. Enter chatter-y couple. Suit and his girl (who can't stop talking to save her life) decide to sit down next to me. Jackpot, I think, and try to concentrate on my (English) book. Usually, I can turn off the outside noises when people talk another language (German, in this case). But this morning, I couldn't. Only when 40 minutes later the chatter-girl exited the tube, I got 10 minutes of proper reading-time. Ugh.

Monday evening.
Taking the tube at central station, it's a 1 wagon (extra short!) tube. Everyone tries to get a seat, the tube is bursting. I - equipped with a huge travel bag, my shopper and 800-page book in hands - get one of the last seats. I start putting the travel bag unter the seat, want to sit down, a (not so old) lady says: "I will have to ask you to not take this seat, I have a (handycapped) ID!" (You could have said it a little nicer...) Seriously, WHY? Why didn't she pick on someone without that much baggage? I try to smile why I think "grumpy old bitch, I have rheumatics too" and stroll through the whole wagon to find another seat.


  1. es ist schön zu lesen das in anderen städten so viele menschen im zug lesen, wenn ich mit einem buch im zug sitzte komme ich mir meist irgendwie dämlich vor, weil ich meist die einzige bin die liesst.
    aber meistens sind die züge so voll das man stehen muss, zumindest nachmittags/abends da kommt man garnicht zum lesen.

    ich kann mich meist auch nicht konzentrieren wenn neben mir laut geschnattert wird. *gg*

  2. Ja hier lesen zumindest morgens die meisten Leute. :) Sehr entspannend.
    Sitzen kann man Gott sei Dank fast immer. :)