18 June 2011

films 51/100 – 55/100

X-Men: First Class (2011)
First reason to watch this movie: Fassbender/McAvoy interacting with each other. Second reason: Tony from Skins as Beast. Third reason to watch: Soon-to-be-Katniss as Mystique. Fourth reason: Fassbender talking German.
Two little things I didn't like: People speaking German who cannot speak a word of German. This was almost as insulting to mothertongues as Lady Gaga's Scheiße. January Jones. Please. I don't judge anyone on what the press is trash talking about them, but girl, find another profession. I thought I didn't like her on Mad Men because Betty Draper's a bitch. But in X-Men? Girl can't act. A solid diamond would have made a better impression on playing her character than she did. It was hard to keep watching scenes with her in it. The skimpy outfits didn't help.
I especially liked 2 moments when we get to see 2 characters we know from the older movies.
Enough with rambling: I really really liked this movie, it's easily my favourite X-Men.

Easy A (2010)
This one is easily the best teen rom-com since the times of John Hughes (and also Mean Girls). Emma Stone is brilliant, the supporting cast hilarious (the family scenes made me crack up every time, and this was the second time I did see this movie). The story of a girl who pretends to have had sex and a rollercoaster of rumours that makes her a social outcast and outspoken slut is good enough, but you also get your average romantic plot, which has a really sweet ending. Must-see!

X-Men (2000)
After seeing First Class, I was kind of disappointed by the first film. But it was good enough. I have to say Wolverine is my favourite of the X-Men featured in this one, but Mystique got more of my attention after seeing Jennifer Lawrence's phenomenal performance in First Class.

X-Men 2 (2003)
Hello there blue Alan Cummings! My hatred for the Jean Grey character grows in this movie, Rogue gets her white streak and another quick Kitty Pryde reference is made. I've already forgotten what this movie was mainly about, sorry. Not really the best thing ever.

X Men: The Last Stand (2006)
Blegh. Jean Grey finally reveals her new character as a bad bitch (who would have seen that coming? well, everyone) and we have a flashback moment that seems wrong when you have seen First Class. I liked seeing Beast, and we finally get to see Kitty Pryde for more than a second. By the way, the winged guy on the poster? About 10 minutes of screen time. But the rest? I'm feeling lucky that I didn't spend money on this when it was in the theatre.


  1. "first class" & "easy a" hab ich diese woche auch beide gesehen (die anderen "x-men"-filme liegen schon länger zurück), & mochte beide auch sehr gern. :)

    gruß, stephani

  2. ich seh grad: nicholas hoult spielt in skins mit? oha. für mich ist er immer noch der kleine junge aus "about a boy".

  3. Haha, ich fand es auch toll, als Wolverine und (die alte) Mystique im Film vorkamen, vorallem weil es so überraschend war! Das da nichts durchgesickert ist, hat mich gefreut.

    Ohja, der dritte X-Men Film ist ziemlich scheiße gewesen. Hast du denn den Wolverine Film gesehen? Der war auch nicht sooo berauschend. Aber der müsste eigentlich zu deinem Rewatch noch dazu. ;)