19 June 2011

new friends.

Say hello to my two new friends: The Pentax MX Asahi and her companion, the Regula Variant 639 flash. I got this as a "if you like taking pictures with them, you can keep them" surprise present yesterday. I really hope they both still work, but they should. Flash got a little rust in the battery compartment, I dind't dare to look inside the Pentax yet. Have to buy a roll of b/w film to try them out soon!

Sagt hallo zu meinen zwei neuen Freunden: Der Pentax MX Asahi und ihrem Freund, dem Regula Variant 639 Blitzgerät. Ich hab die beiden gestern überraschend als "wenn du damit gerne Fotos machst darfst du sie behalten"-Geschenk bekommen. Sie sollten beide noch funktionieren, auch wenn der Blitz ein bisschen Korrosion im Batteriefach hat. Hab mich noch nicht getraut ins Batteriefach der Pentax zu gucken. (Sie ist voll mechanisch, würde nur den Lichtmesser betreffen.) Muss unbedingt eine Rolle Schwarzweiß-Film kaufen um sie auszuprobieren.

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  1. Ooh, those look great! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! I just received a few cameras I hope will work too. Though I'd also love to have a Pentax one day.

    Love your layout by the way<3

  2. Thanks! Which ones did you get?

    Glad you like the layout. :)

  3. You can see them here if you'd like:
    Hope to try them soon, have you already tried the Pentax? It's kind of scary haha, as long as I haven't tried them they still might work, I guess that might be why I've put if off for a while;)

  4. Oh they look lovely! The first one especially!

    Well I've loaded her up and I'm trying to finish a roll before we head on a short holiday trip because I want to take her if she still works. The mechanics seem fine, I just wonder if she might have gone blind. I'll post something as soon as I've get the roll developed! :)

  5. Great, look forward to seeing if it still works! Hope so;)