25 June 2011

the tricky question.

How many and which make-up items do you take on a holiday? Even if it's only 3 days? Do you try to match with the outfits, do you take everything to be free to improvise?
I'm trying to pack as little as possible for our London trip, but I can't decide if I should just take the Naked Palette or 2 MAC quads with my favourites instead. What about gel eyeliner? Lipsticks? Blushes? I just cannot.

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  1. Haha, ich trag zum Glück meistens das Gleiche, deshalb ist es bei mir einfach. Jeweils einmal Abdeckstift, Puder, Rouge, Mascara, Eyeliner und vielleicht 2 oder 3 Lippenstifte. :) Eventuell noch einen Lidschatten. Hilft dir jetzt sicher nicht sehr weiter, oder? ^^

  2. Though I can easily live without make-up, I was also pondering over what to take on my 2-week trip next month.
    I suppose natural/nudes is best, like your naked palette; it would match anything;) But if you have a special occasion and special occasion outfit I'd bring something that would match that as well.