09 January 2012

a bit of TV for everyone.

You might have noticed that I'm a total TV show nerd. Here are three shows I have enjoyed lately, other than my usual shows. What are you watching at the moment that you love? I'd love to hear. Have you ever watched any of these three?

American Horror Story. A horror series.
If you're easily spooked and hate horror stories, don't watch this. If you enjoy the thrill and a show that has ongoing storylines and characters, makes you ask a lot of questions (and answers most of them) and has a couple of interesting guest stars – watch. Don't get spooked by the opening credits, I fast forwarded through them almost every time, so creepy! ;)
Please don't spoil yourself before watching though, it takes away so much fun, especially with this show!

30 Rock. A comedy series.
Let me tell you that it took me a couple of tries to get into this. We watched the pilot twice and tried to watch a few of the season 1 episodes, but it was so disappointing. I'm a fan of Tina's and I enjoy SNL very much, but this was… so not funny. Then I read Tina Fey's book "Bossypants" in which she also talks about this show – her baby – and writes the first season was really bad. Especially the pilot. Oooookay, thought I, and started watching season 2. That did the trick. We're right now in the middle of the third season, and it's still so very good and addicting. (At least 2 episodes a day, please!)
The cast is lovely, especially Jack McBrayer – how is it possible for him to look like a happy puppy ALL THE TIME?! There are a lot of awesome guest stars, some of them of course SNL veterans, but also other movie and TV stars.

Sherlock. A crime series. 
Sherlock Holmes in today's London? Why? How can this be good at all? To be honest, the only reason I started watching this was because the show's creator is also showrunner at Doctor Who. The first series tends to be a bit long at times, but the series 2 premiere last week was so good I have to urge you to watch it! Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock is a genius that comes close to autism while Martin Freeman's Dr. Watson is a war veteran doctor who blogs. See? It's awesome. Watch! (Not sold yet? Irene Adler is a dominatrix. Seriously. Watch.)


  1. I absolutely love Sherlock - Benedict Cumberbatch's Aspergerish approach is just great und I'm a big Martin Freeman-fan. Can't wait to see him as a hobbit. :P

    Thanks for the other tips - haven't even heard of those. Since I'm pretty much addicted to the Walking Dead I've been watching the season gap "filler-series" Hell On Wheels lately... which is kind of interesting compared to for example Deadwood, which had a pretty similar setting. But then... not really mindblowing.
    Still haven't watched the 3rd season of Misfits. That's my next "project", I guess.

    Btw: I'm still waiting for your option on the Doctor Who Christmas Episode. ;-)

  2. @george: I try to ignore the Christmas specials with Doctor Who as they tend to disappoint me. Like this time, when it was WWII AGAIN, and the story was so Narnia-esque, and I was all excited for Bill Bailey but he had about 5 minutes of screen time. On a scale, it was as "okay" as last year's Christmas specials, better than the Titanic one. There you go. :)