06 July 2013

films of 2013: 41–49.

41 Paris is Burning (1990) · 42 The September Issue (2009) · 43 Behind the Candelabra (2013) · 44 Mean Girls (2004) · 45 The Revisionaries (2012) · 46 Outrage (2009) · 47 Matilda (1996) · 48 (A)Sexual (2011) · 49 Hairspray (2007)

BEST: Mean Girls. No, seriously. It's one of the most underrated teen movies ever and belongs in the same league as The Breakfast Club for me. Also, RIP pretty talented Lindsay Lohan. I also watched The September Issue a couple of times already and really like Grace Coddington. She's an inspiration.

WORST:  (A)Sexual if I really had to choose, but really, none of them.

IMPACT: All of the documentaries. Paris is Burning, because it's so sad but also interesting and funny, and a true classic. Revisionaries, because I can't believe people like that exist. I mean, there are schools which don't teach evolution but creationism. Seemingly normal schools. And Outrage as well, because I find it shocking and sad that self-hatred makes people turn into homophobia and taking away the rights of homosexuals while being closeted gays themselves.

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  1. agree on the Mean Girls underrated part. Give it another few years and it's be a cult classic.

    Part 2 is bad though